Conference invitation
New Content Elements in Modern Education (NECEME)
University of West Hungary Szombathely
23-25 January 2013

Organiser:University of West Hungary, Savaria Campus
(Szombathely, Károlyi G. tér 4. H-9700)
Faculty of Art, Education and Sport Science
Institute of Pedagogy and Psychology
Organising Committee:Ágnes N. TÓTH Ph.D. associate professor, head of the Organising Committee
Mihály GÁSPÁR Ph.D. Head of Institute Pedagogy and Psychology
Prof. Ferenc MISZLIVETZ Head of Institute for Social and European Studies
Judit BOGÁTHNÉ ERDŐDI vicedirector of Regional Pedagical Service and Research Center
Csilla KISS Ph.D. associate professor
András FARKAS Ph.D. associate professor
Ildikó KÖCSÉNÉ SZABÓ Ph.D. associate professor
Katalin SIMON Ph.D. associate professor
Klára SZÉKELY assistant professor